Cake Gallery


Everyone remembers a beautiful and original wedding cake! Whether your tastes are traditional, humourous or a little bit different, I can work with you design something extra special for your perfect wedding day.

Novelty Birthday

Add the icing on the cake to any birthday celebration with a novelty birthday cake made to order.


Celebrate any special occasion in your workplace with one of our custom made corporate cakes.

Special Occasions

Every special occasion needs a very special cake: I can help you choose the perfect personal cake design for any occasion.


Every child deserves an extra special birthday cake inspired by the things they love. It\'s worth it to see the smiles on their (and their friends\') faces! Take a photo quick though, because our cakes look and taste so good they\'re gone in a flash...


For those on a budget, why not choose a customised cake topper of your choosing to place on the top of your own cake.


Christmas Cakes don\'t have to be plain and square! I can make you a delicious Christmas cake with your original design as decoration.